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ABSOLAR Established in 2013, the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (ABSOLAR) is a private not for profit organisation that gathers companies from the whole solar photovoltaic (PV) value chain with operations in Brazil. ABSOLAR coordinates, represents and defends the common interests of its members, in order to promote the diffusion, establishment and development of solar photovoltaic energy into the Brazilian electricity matrix.

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ABENS - Brazilian Association of Solar Energy The Brazilian Association of Solar Energy (ABENS) is a non-for-profit, nongovernmental organization developed to foster and support the research, development, and application of all forms and technologies of solar energy in Brazil. ABENS works in agreement with the goals and principles of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), representing its Brazilian associates on ISES board of directors.
ABGD - Brazilian Distributed Generation Association Association of companies formed by solution providers, EPC's, integrators, distributors, manufacturers that have in common the direct or indirect performance in the distributed generation from renewable sources. The ABGD is predisposed to represent and defend the interests of its associates with government agencies, class entities, regulators, players in the sector and work towards the inclusion of the different sectors of society in order to actively benefit from Distributed Generation, Incorporating the concepts of sustainability, financial return, legal certainty and energy efficiency.
ABNT - Brazilian Association of Technical Standards ABNT is the National Standardization Forum, in recognition of Brazilian society since it was created in September 28, 1940; and confirmed by the Federal Government through legal instruments. ABNT is responsible for Brazilian Standards development (NBR) which are aimed at various sectors. ABNT participates in the Regional Standardization by Pan American Commission on Technical Standards (COPANT) and by Mercosur Association for Standardization (AMN); in the International Standardization by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), influencing the standard´s content and seeking to ensure competitive conditions for Brazilian products and services, in addition to exercising their social role. Furthermore, ABNT is also a conformity assessment body accredited by Inmetro for certification of products, systems and environmental programs, such as the eco-label and verification of greenhouse gas.
ABRACEEL The Brazilian Association of Energy Traders (ABRACEEL) defends the right of free choice of the power supplier, the so-called light and natural gas bill portability, by the consumers. Founded in the year 2000, the association currently counts with 93 associated companies, which combined commercialize 85% of the electricity. Its main purpose is to work together with the society in general, opinion makers and government bodies, and to encourage a free competitive market as an instrument of efficiency in both the electric energy and the natural gas segments.
ABRASOL A Associação Brasileira de Energia Solar Térmica (ABRASO) une toda a cadeia de valor do setor de energia solar térmica, um passo à frente para as novas possibilidades que as energias renováveis prenunciam para o futuro.
Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Brasil-Alemanha no Rio Grande do Sul The promotion of bilateral economic relations between Brazil or Rio Grande do Sul and Germany are at the center of the goals of our Chamber of Commerce Abroad. The AHK Rio Grande do Sul is instrumental in promoting South Brazil in Germany as well as in Europe, thereby promoting both trade and investment on both sides of the Atlantic and facilitating the market entry of its members, partners and customers.
BSW-Solar – Associação da Indústria Solar Alemã Formando uma robusta comunidade de empresas, a BSW-Solar atua como divulgadora e mediadora das empresas com o público e o governo. Ela representa os interesses comerciais conjuntos das empresas situadas na cadeia de valor da energia solar. A BSW-Solar tem uma influência decisiva na criação e garantia de uma estrutura adequada de iniciativas para um crescimento estável e, portanto, na garantia de segurança para os investimentos em todos os ramos da indústria solar. Nosso objetivo é estabelecer a energia solar como um pilar permanente na indústria global de energia.
CELA – Clean Energy Latin America CELA – Clean Energy Latin America is a São Paulo-based financial advisory firm supporting renewable energy companies and investors in Latin America. It specializes in renewable energy: wind, solar PV, bioenergy, small hydro and energy efficiency.
ICZ – Instituto de Metais Não Ferrosos ICZ has the vision to lead and support the sectors of metals zinc, nickel and lead in the development and dissemination of their applications and sustainable use in Brazil through the alignment of past experiences to new marketing concepts, providing its members the assistance and access to new technologies and products, providing a greater competitiveness for the whole production chain. Currently the ICZ operates heavily in dissemination of technology of hot-dip galvanizing as protection against corrosion in the steels used in the structures of anchorages for photovoltaic panels.
Ideal Institute Ideal Institute is a private nonprofit based in Florianopolis, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Ideal Institute is an institution that promotes renewable energy and the development of policies for energy integration in Latin America. Ideal conducts three major areas of expertise: the Cleaner Energy Seminar, and América do Sol. They all include a number of initiatives free of charge.
SolarPower Europe SolarPower Europe (European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)) é a maior associação de caráter industrial do mundo dedicada ao mercado de eletricidade de energia solar fotovoltaica (FV). A associação tem como objetivo promover a energia FV a nível nacional, europeu e mundial e ajudar seus membros em seu desenvolvimento de negócios, tanto na União Europeia quanto nos mercados de exportação.
Green City Freiburg The Business Network for Environmental and Renewable Energy Industries in Freiburg and the Region
Greener Greener is a research and consulting firm specialized in the solar energy sector, playing a key role in Brazilian PV area, sourcing strategic market information for Centralized and Distributed Generation. Greener works mainly with CAPEX&OPEX optimization, technical & regulatory advice , Investment Due Diligence and support to the development of new business models. Among their clients are equipment manufatures, project developers, government, financiers, local and global investors.
GTM Research GTM Research is the leading market analysis and advisory firm on the transformation of the global electricity industry.
IBESA The International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance IBESA is the ¬first international network of excellence in the ¬field of battery and energy storage. IBESA offers a worldwide network, contacts along the value chain of different business sectors, exclusive high-quality market research know-how as well as complete marketing and public relation packages. The alliance enables an international and practice-oriented transfer of knowledge to foster businesses and markets at the best. The influential network of IBESA is based on many like-minded individual partners that share the same values and overall objectives. Our joint interest is to encourage the international storage market based on facts and figures – that‘s what we are working for.

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