Greener Distributed Generation Photovoltaic Report 2020 - Second Half

Report Highlights

  • The 2020 revenue of the PV kits market was R$ 7 Billion;
  • The volume of most integrating companies exceeded the pre-pandemic level.
  • The cost of photovoltaic equipment increased around 10% to 20% in 2020. The integrating companies absorbed a significant part of this cost, so that it wouldn’t impact the end users.
  • Distributors and Integrators are optimistic in 2021. Most are considering increasing their staff, so job openings should accelerate this year.
  • 88% of customers who installed solar energy technology in their business are considered satisfied. The non satified customers say the cost and generation of energy was lower than promised.

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Greener Distributed Generation Photovoltaic Report 2020 - First Half

Greener’ Strategic DG Report assists companies in making better decisions for their businesses. The recently launched report brings, among others, analyzes and insights on:

  • The change in the technological profile of photovoltaic modules
  • Sales and business scenario
  • Impacts of the COVID-19 crisis
  • Profile of the public consuming solar energy
  • Prices evolution
  • Large GD Enterprises: status, contract capabilities and main challenge

Executive Summary

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This Report brings an overview and analysis about the Large Scale PV plants on the Free and Regulated Energy Markets. Check out some highlights:

  • Investments: + BRL 10.6 Billions have already been invested;
  • Free Market: 7.3GW of Solar projects at an advanced stage of development;
  • Auctions: A X-Ray of the winning projects;
  • IRR Analysis: Auctions x Free Market;
  • Case study: 150 MW Solar PV Project.

Executive Summary

Study Greener: Brazilian Northeast's PV Market

  • Distributed Generation Overview
  • State’s Overview
  • Installed Capacity
  • Main Cities, System and Ports
  • Impacts of ANEEL’s proposals to 482
  • Utility Scale PV: Regulated and Free Markets


Post Show Report The smarter E South America 2019

With more than 25,000 visitors – an incredible growth of 25% over 2018 – from 39 countries, the first The Smarter E South America and the 7th Intersolar South America exhibition and conference once again proved that it is the largest exhibition and conference for the South American solar industry. 342 international exhibitors attended the event, providing latest trends to industry specialists, investors, and project planers over the course of three days.

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The smarter E South America webinars offer genuinely valuable insights in the Brazilian and Latin American PV , energy storage and energy infrastructure and management markets, provided by top industry experts who are not just online to speak at you – they are on hand to answer your questions and address comments from participants for a thoroughly interactive experience. The webinar recordings are available online.