Green Hydrogen – Zero Carbon: Obtained Without CO2 Emission

Solar PV and Green Hydrogen as Drivers for the Renewable Energy Industry in Brazil

In Brazil, the combination of large-scale solar PV and Green Hydrogen emerges as a potent catalyst for advancing the country’s renewable energy sector. Presently, over 95% of globally produced hydrogen originates from fossil fuels, commonly referred to as gray hydrogen. Internationally, as well as within Brazil, the predominant utilization of this hydrogen lies in ammonia production for fertilizers and refining processes. 31% of the fertilizers used in Brazil are nitrogen-based, with their composition including nitrogen derived from ammonia (NH3). This ammonia, accounting for 70% of its global use in fertilizer production, can be generated from green hydrogen, making it one of the most promising activities for the utilization of such hydrogen.

Green hydrogen, generated through water electrolysis using renewable energy sources, presents a promising avenue for mitigating reliance on fossil fuels, notorious for emitting substantial carbon emissions. Nevertheless, the production of H2V entails significantly higher costs compared to gray hydrogen, typically ranging between US$3-6, whereas gray hydrogen remains priced around US$1.5-3.

Therefore, large-scale PV plants harness Brazil's abundant solar resources to redirect energy towards green hydrogen production, thereby increasing the nation's clean energy capacity.

Webinar: Brazilian Green Hydrogen – What to Expect in 2024?

Green hydrogen is poised to transform many sectors of the global economy in the coming years, including industry, logistics and energy. Brazil is uniquely positioned to become a leading global supplier of green hydrogen, due to its highly competitive solar and wind resources, among other decisive factors.

Webinar Recording

The smarter E South America 2024 Including the Debut of element1

For the first time, The smarter E South America 2024 introduces "Element1", a dedicated special exhibition spotlighting the high potential of green hydrogen in Brazil, as a prominent addition to its ees South America exhibition, which focuses on energy storage. The smarter E South America seamlessly blends exhibitions and conferences to drive the industry forward, equipping participants with cutting-edge insights and opportunities. By merging exhibitions and conferences, we cultivate an environment where industry stakeholders can collaborate, learn, and contribute to the collective progress of the renewable, energy storage and green hydrogen sector.

Join our Side Event at The smarter E Europe: Green Energy Transition in Latin America

How Latin America uses its vast resources will shape the region’s energy future and the role it plays in the global energy system. Latin America has the greenest electricity matrix in the world, the fastest growing emissions of the transport sector and the highest use per capita of public transport globally. The region is uniquely positioned to take advantage of green hydrogen, energy storage and e-mobility.
Let's meet at The smarter E Europe June 20th!

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