Five Questions to Players in the Renewable Energy World – Tina Barroso

Expert Interview

Tina Barroso

The renewable energy world is changing at a rapid pace and offers new job opportunities with special chances and challenges. In this series, we ask people who are working in different areas of the renewable energy sector 5 questions about their jobs:

1. Why renewables? Profession or vocation?
I joined renewables in 2001. It was supposed to be an interim job, I had to cover 4-6 months before my dream job would start. But very soon I realized, that the job in renewable energies would be even better: real career opportunities while making the world a better place. It quickly became a vocation.

2. What in your career prepared you in particular for your current job?
My life in Latin America has taught me that always having a "plan B" makes life easier, that networking is vital, and that being open-minded sometimes produces hard results but always helps in some way or the other. Organizing innovative technical conferences for the renewable energy industry requires those points: quick decisions if something seems to go wrong, creation of networking platforms and always keeping an eye on impulses to improve the conference.

3. Do you have role models, and if so, who and why?
From abstract to daily life:

  • Hypatia of Alexandria. 1650 years ago she was an astronomer, mathematician and recognized university teacher
  • Helga Förster, co-founder of Hypatia Network. She was one of the first female engineers, scientists and professors in Berlin, who around 40 years ago encouraged, supported and supervised young female specialists in technical professions.
  • Hanne May, former editor-in-chief and now high executive at dena (German Energy Agency). She impressed me in my early career when she, a female participant in a conference room full of men, stood up and gave facts, statements, and comments from the audience. She lowered the barriers for women in renewable energies 15 years ago.
  • Karl-Heinz Remmers, CEO of Solarpraxis AG. As my former employer and mentor, he still inspires me with his ideas and visions. And he showed me that it makes no difference whether you are male or female as long as you are good at what you do.

4. What was your biggest professional challenge?
My biggest challenge is making sure I have challenges to solve. I am not very good at handling repeated routines for long periods of time without getting bored. So, organizing conferences for the renewable energy sector is perfect for me. We are constantly facing challenges: our energy system is changing, digitization is in process, events are becoming participatory and emotional, diversity and new work are becoming increasingly important.

5. What has been your greatest professional achievement?
The Forum New Energy World is the most important conference for the renewable energy industry in Germany. In 2015, it was the first energy conference at which attendees were encouraged to actively contribute and interact and to shape the event. That was completely new to the energy industry. Since then more and more events are becoming places of interaction instead of teaching.

About Tina Barroso:
Tina Barroso has been working in the energy industry since 2001, heading Conexio’s Berlin office since 2018. Interacting closely with attendees and partners, she develops conference programs, coordinates major events such as the Forum New Energy World, and combines effortless networking with an intensive exchange of knowledge and expertise.
During her conference moderations, attendees become contributors, which leads to exciting results of the events. Her conference programs aim to have balanced panels with male and female speakers. Tina co-founded the Hypatia network for women in the energy sector in 2010 and has supported the organization in the executive board for 10 years.
Interactive conferences and female empowerment are just as much her passion as audio books and salsa dancing. Tina Barroso is a dedicated advocate of renewable energies and stands for equal rights for all people. Her motto: "I want to improve the world."

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