Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in Brazil – Challenges and Prospects

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Thursday, June 27, 2024 I 11:00am BRT / 4:00pm CET I Webinar Language: Portuguese

The presence of electric vehicles is already a reality on the Brazilian automotive scene. According to the Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles (ABVE), in 2023, 93.9 thousand units were registered, representing a growth of 91% compared to 2022. This expansion is accompanied by a diversification of brands and models on the market.

This underscores the importance of accessible charging infrastructure. Only a part of the demand can be met by private charging at homes, condominiums, and businesses. Public charging stations are essential to provide the same level of convenience and accessibility as conventional vehicle refueling.

In this webinar we would like to shed a light on the challenges and prospects on the charging infrastructure and the E-mobility market in Brazil.

During the webinar participants can submit their questions to get them answered by the experts in the live Q&A. In addition, both the recording and the speakers' presentations will be made available on our digital content platform The smarter E Digital after the webinar.

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Our Guests

Jéssica Bertolino Gregório, Analista de Conteúdo / Analista de Inteligência de Mercado GREENER

Jéssica Bertolino Gregório is a Control and Automation Engineer and an Electrical Technician from CEFET-MG/Leopoldina (Brazil). She has experience in energy efficiency projects within The Brazilian National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) PEE program, Distributed Generation photovoltaic projects, and content production for the energy sector. Currently, she is a Content Analyst in the Market Intelligence area at Greener, which develops strategic studies and consulting for the renewable energy market. A proponent of a Just Energy Transition, Jéssica volunteers at the Brazilian Network of Women in Solar Energy (MESol), where she creates content and gives lectures on gender equity and diversity in the sector.

Matheus Luiz Rodrigues, Gerente do segmento de Fontes de Alimentação e Estações de Recarga para VE's

Formado pelo Instituto de Ensino Superior da Grande Florianópolis e pós-graduado em Estratégias Financeiras e Custos pela Faculdade de Tecnologia Senac Florianópolis, atuou por 7 anos na área de Controladoria da Intelbras. Em 2020 teve a oportunidade de unir seu entusiasmo por energias renováveis e eletromobilidade ao compromisso de assumir uma área de P&D na Unidade de Negócios de Energia, onde atua hoje com uma equipe engajada, que além de manter a liderança no mercado de fontes de alimentação para segurança eletrônica e controle de acesso, também desenvolveu um portfólio promissor de estações de recarga para veículos elétricos.

Your Host

Rafael Gosuen Cunha, COO, MOVE Eletromobilidade

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